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Printable Context Clues Worksheet. Web a collection of downloadable worksheets, exercises and activities to teach context clues, shared by english language teachers. These worksheets give students practice in deriving the meaning of new words using context clues.

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Lets look at an example. Using the words near to the new unknown word, we can often determine the meaning of that word. Often the text around a word can give hints to its meaning;

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Read each sentence and determine the meaning of the word using crcxss sentence clues or your prior knowledge. Here's the first level two content clues worksheet. In these worksheets, students use cross sentence clues to work out the meaning of each word in bold.

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Web context clue worksheets many times we run into new words for the first time. If you think of reading comprehension as a scavenger hunt in which students must acquire a variety of skills to achieve fluency, then context clues would be among the final items to collect. Authors often will write sentences with this in mind for the reader.

Identify Clues To The Meaning Of Specific Words In More.

These worksheets give students practice in deriving the meaning of new words using context clues. These are called context clues and it is a part of reading comprehension to understand an unknown word. Use the context clues to help figure out the meaning of the underlined word.

This Is Called Using The Word In Context.

The context clues worksheets are available for grade 3 to grade 8. Web looking for context clues worksheets? These clues can appear within a sentence, a paragraph, or in other areas of a passage.

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Identify clues to the meaning of specific words in a text. Students determine each words meaning based on context and then explain their answers. Web here is a graphic preview for all of the context clues worksheets.